Homeschool Consulting

consultHomeschooling is a wonderful blessing!

It’s a great privilege but also a big responsibility to be in charge of your child’s education.

You might feel overwhelmed at times as you wade through all the information out there about home education. How do you choose which curriculum is best for your family? How do you plan out your school day? What about the high school years?

Leaning on the experiences and knowledge that I’ve gained over the 17 years of home educating our four children, I want to come alongside you as you home educate your children: to encourage you as you foster a love of learning and a love for the Lord in your children.

I am available to:

  • Help new home educators get started, giving information on what is required by law.
  • Provide direction in choosing curriculum and planning your homeschool schedule.
  • Help you determine your child’s preferred learning styles and make recommendations on the best curriculum for them based on their learning style preferences.
  • Give guidance with homeschooling a struggling learner or a child with learning disabilities. 
  • Screen shot 2016-01-26 at 10.16.15 AMGive guidance on issues that come up such as:

—what to do with preschoolers during school hours?

—how to handle a lack of motivation?


—evaluating writing

—character development

—setting goals for your home school

—getting organized with your school and home

—report cards

—ESL assistance and tutoring


  • Give guidance for homeschooling in the high school years:

—making a four-year high school plan for your child

—requirements for graduation

—PSEO application and requirements


—how to prepare your child for college


Consulting Fees:

Initial Comprehensive Consult: (approximately 2 hours): $65.00

Please feel free to request an extended appointment, or if you have just a few questions, my hourly fee is $35.00/hour.

Location: I will travel to your home at your request, otherwise, we can meet at my home or a central location between our homes.  Skype consults are also available.

Travel Expenses: If I need to travel more than 15 miles to get to your home, there will be an extra charge for travel expenses.


“I didn’t know just how much I needed Kris until I actually sat down and met with her! I knew I needed some perspective and direction, and Kris provided that for me tenfold. One of the first things Kris had us do was a learning style assessment. This was so helpful because it taught me a lot about my daughter and what approaches to learning would be most beneficial for her. With so much curricula out there and methods of delivery (online, in-person, DVD, etc.), this assessment really helped us discover what mode of schooling would work best for us. After that, we discussed specific curriculum options that would fit our situation. Kris has so much wisdom and clarity that the wealth of information she possesses helped me streamline our plans. We have laid out our overview for high school classes, including testing and test preparation. I feel so confident as my daughter enters 8th grade that we have a great plan set up for her high school years. I cannot recommend Kris highly enough. If you need anything homeschool related, Kris will meet you where you are at, take you by the hand, and see you through until you feel at ease on your homeschool journey.” ~ Cindy


“You know how as a home school parent you can go to conferences, research curriculum online and feel overwhelmed by all the choices? Hiring Kris to do an individual consultation took all the stress out of planning for the upcoming home school years. She looked at our specific family and poured resources and ideas into our home school life. When I left our consultation, I had a specific plan with specific resources and she followed up with me afterward. I am so thankful for her open, easy approach to helping a home school mom like me!” ~ Michelle


“I’m at the very beginning of my homeschool journey with my pre-schooler. I literally had no idea where to start. I’m so thankful that a friend suggested I meet with Kris! My husband and I both met with Kris for a one-on-one consult and she came well prepared with so much information for us. She listened to our story and our family dynamics and was able to give us so many resources and help us make a plan that would work with our family. I feel so much more confidence to start this year, and She’s gone above and beyond emailing answering more questions that I had after our meeting. I’d recommend her to anyone, no matter where they are in their homeschool journey.” ~Lea


“Kris is an AMAZING lady with a wealth of knowledge! She captures what’s it is like to homeschool and helps you see it be a reality. She’s so inspiring and helpful. When I first met her I had no idea what to do or if I would homeschool. Kris met with me several times, asked if she could help and she really did help. I’m a mom of four and she continues to bless me with wisdom and Godly advice. She deeply cares for everyone and has a passion for helping others succeed in this amazing and magical journey called ‘homeschool.’” ~Kim

I called Kris to help me better understand and prepare for high school with my children.  I was so impressed with her preparedness before we met and the follow-up after.  She tailored the meeting to the interests of my children and helped me make a plan for their high school years.  She has an easy-going manner, cheerfulness, and clarity that helped our two-hour meeting be efficient and effective.  I was singing her praises to my homeschool mom friends the next day and said it was the best $65 I’ve spent in years.  Thanks, Kris.   ~ Michelle

“I met with Kris Cox in the spring to help prepare for the coming year homeschooling 5 of my children, but especially to discuss preparing for the high school years. We will have a 7th grader for the first time and I wanted to gain a better understanding of what is required in the high school years so we could take the year and focus on practicing and planning for the years ahead. It was wonderful to meet with Kris, I have highly recommended her to my friends. She brought an abundance of information on grading, how to create transcripts, and specifically tailored our discussion towards by daughter and her interests. She came prepared with answers to my questions and handouts for my files to refer to later. We discussed curriculum I have selected as well as curriculum she advised might be a good fit for our family. Kris was thorough and knowledgeable about homeschooling. Speaking with Kris was beneficial for our family and I look forward to speaking with her again as our children continue to get older.                      ~ Catherine  

“I highly recommend Kris Cox. She is familiar with a wide range of curriculum and tailors her sessions to offer the best suggestions for your child’s learning style. When Kris met with me, I immediately felt comfortable with her. I also felt that her rate was very inexpensive, especially considering how much thought and preparation she had put into fulfilling my homeschooling goals. Kris is a genuinely kind woman who cares about parents and children and obviously puts a lot of effort into satisfying her clients’ needs.”   ~Joanne  

“I have known Kris Cox for 17 years.Kris was readily available to me when I went to her for advice, guidance and encouragement while I homeschooled my son for 12 years.Kris’s dedication to excellence in the physical, spiritual and educational development of her children was an inspiration to me.I admire Kris for her hard work, commitment and joy in homeschooling as well as her character as a Christian friend, wife and mother.”  ~Judy  

Dear Homeschool Parents,
As a fellow homeschool parent, I would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend Kris Cox to you as a homeschool consultant.She has over 17 years homeschool experience having graduated her four adult children plus an additional 6+ years of homeschool consulting experience. I have known Kris for many years as a personal friend. She has encouraged me as well as numerous families in her role as a support group leader!Kris also served as founder and director of the Constance Homeschool ETC. Co-op for several years. In this capacity, she organized classes for over 30 families, recruited volunteer parents, and hired paid teachers for science and physical education classes. She hired Jon Nuckols who is well-known in the homeschool community as an excellent science instructor. Kris acted as liaison between the Co-op and the YMCA to arrange the PE classes. Kris is very talented and incredibly patient.She is a compassionate and encouraging person.She has a deep faith in the Lord and will do an excellent job in assisting you in your home education as a consultant.The advice and prayer support you receive from her will be invaluable to you and your children! ~Shelly 


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