12-ways-to-help-your-family-focus-on-jesus-this-christmasChristmas is a great time to talk with your children about how much Jesus loves them.  He loves us so much that He came down to this earth as a little baby to live among us! His birth is the beginning of the wonderful story of all He did while He was living here and how He died to pay for our sins.

Sadly, the commercialism of this holiday can so easily distract us from the real reason for the season. We need to be intentional about helping our children (and ourselves) to keep the focus on Jesus, the real reason for the season!

Here are some suggestions on how to do that:

12 ways to keep the focus on JESUS this Christmas:

  • Have a nativity scene in a central place in your home and talk about the Christmas story whenever the opportunity arises. (when the children are little, it’s best to have a non-breakable one so they can touch and enjoy!) We usually had two set up, one was specifically for the children to play with. plastic-nativity
  • It’s not too late to use an Advent calendar this year. Here’s a great free Advent calendar that uses Bible verses for each day.
  • Watch “The Story of Christmas”  together (for young children) or “The Nativity Story”  for a little older children. the-nativity-story
  • Have a Christmas stocking for Jesus and let your children fill it with notes for Him.
  • Get the interactive nativity story book “What God Wants for Christmas” by Barbara Rainey.what-god-wants-for-christmas
  • Put a gift under the Christmas tree for Jesus every year – you can give to a worthy cause and put a picture of it in a gift box under the tree. Or write out what you plan to do as a family to serve the Lord that year, and put that in a gift box under the tree. It’s a great way to help children understand how we can show Jesus our love for Him in tangible ways. And it also reminds us that it’s really Jesus’ birthday that we’re celebrating!
  • Do something to bless someone else this Christmas: maybe a needy family, or the homeless, or someone overseas. Check out the Angel Tree ministry, or Union Gospel Mission, World Vision or Compassion ministries.  Discuss as a family where you’d like to give or serve.  If your children are older, go and serve a meal at the homeless shelter.  Or go to Feed My Starving Children and put together bags of food for starving children in other countries. Talk about being the hands and feet of Jesus, and how He’s working through you to bless others.
  • Make a birthday cake for Jesus as part of your Christmas celebration. I let the children help me decorate it too.
  • Memorize the Christmas story together from Luke 2:1-20 (for younger children, only memorize a small portion of this).  If memorizing is too much, just read the Christmas story on Christmas morning.
  • Have family devotions each day in the few weeks before Christmas, discussing the Names of Jesus and who HE is! Go to the side bar on the right and request the Names of Jesus devotional for free!
  • Attend church on Christmas Eve or Christmas day (or both if it works out like this year!).
  • On Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day, have family devotions specifically focused on the Christmas story and how much Jesus loves us and how we can show our love for Him.


A few years ago, our oldest two kids put together a cute video on YouTube that I’d like to share with you, hopefully it will make you chuckle like it does us! It’ll show you what NOT to do in your family devotions on Christmas day!


Here’s the link for the YouTube video: Merry Christmas from Jordan and Bethany! 


I hope your Christmas devotions go better than ours did in this video!   One tip: don’t’ hand your children a gift to hold while you talk with them… what was I thinking??

May the Lord bless your family and your Christmas together this year! Merry CHRISTmas!


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