The Homeschool Life: All-In-One Planner

2nd Edition

This planner has everything you need to manage your home and school well!

The Family Planning section has yearly, monthly, and daily calendars + important information and “to do” lists.  Menu planning and chore charts are included as well.

The Goal Setting section will help you get your homeschool year off to a great start by guiding you through setting goals for your family and for each child.

The School Planning and Record-Keeping section will guide you as to the important school records to keep, provides assignment sheets to use for each child and information to help you plan well and accomplish all you hope to in this next school year! Also included is a grade calculating Excel document that will ease your load by automatically calculating your student’s grades as you input their scores.

The Spiritual Growth section will help you stay close to the Lord and strengthen your faith.

Digital Download included: this contains templates for all consumable charts and documents in the Planner so you can reprint as needed! You’ll only need to replace the yearly and monthly calendars which will be available each year in my store.

Everything you need to stay organized in one binder!


Click [HERE] to see the Table of Contents and intro pages

See inside planner with this short [VIDEO]

Cost: $28.00 (includes MN sales tax) plus $6.00 shipping

Promo code for 4th of July sale is:  JULY4

Promo code for 4th of July sale is:  JULY4


Cost: $18.00  (includes MN sales tax)


With this version, you receive all the documents electronically – you would need to purchase your own binder and tab dividers. 


FREE 2018-2019 School Year Calendars available now for those who purchased the planner in 2017 – click HERE To download!


  1. Kris H. Kris H.
    12th June 2017    

    I am a veteran home educator and I purchased Kris’ planner at the MACHE Convention this past April, intending to give it to a friend of mine who has been homeschooling for just a few years. Well, after checking it over this month, I decided to keep it for myself! It’s very refreshing, very complete, and has the added devotional section with a spiritual journal to keep us focused on the Lord and inspired to follow His plans for our family! Thanks, Kris!

    • 12th June 2017    

      Thank you, Kris! I’m so glad that you’re enjoying using the planner- praise God! Thanks for your kind words too, I really appreciate your encouragement!

  2. Rachel Shea Rachel Shea
    2nd October 2017    

    As a newer mom to homeschooling this planner is an answer to my prayers for organization. Kris has thought of everything needed to run a Christ centered home and homeschool and put it together beautifully in this planner. I have peace of mind knowing that everything I need for records is in one place. The flash drive allowing you full access to reprint pages as needed is brilliant. Thank you Kris for this wonderful resource!

    • 3rd October 2017    

      Rachel, I’m greatly encouraged that you’re finding the planner so helpful!Thanks for your kind words – I praise God that He is using it to be a blessing to you!

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