Recommended websites and books

Some of the very best

MACHE   Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators; MACHE has great homeschool resources and helpful articles available on their website. I highly encourage you to attend their annual conference in April.


portrait5HSLDA  Home School Legal Defense Association; a homeschool organization that helps homeschool families with legal issues as well as many other aspects of home educating their children.


National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI)  **see latest NHERI report on research about homeschooling


Smoothing the Way  Mary James; a course for those just getting started in homeschooling


Cathy Duffy’s curriculum reviews:  great curriculum reviews written by a veteran homeschooler


Let’s Homeschool High School: Transcript Template


Building Your Own Curriculum: Facebook Group


Credits Before College—Cheri Frame  Cheri’s emphasis is on getting college credit using the CLEP program, but she also has great info on many aspects of homeschooling through high school and getting college credits inexpensively.


Cultivated Lives—Heather Haupt  Heather is a homeschool mom, speaker and blogger. 


Curriculum guide for each grade


Life Link for Teens  a great resource for teaching teens leadership skills and helping them think through what they want to do with their life.   


Career/Personality Testing with Career Direct   I recommend Kate Milner, tester in the Twin Cities area. Here’s her contact e-mail:

Village School of the Bible:   Provides a deep and thorough study of God’s Word plus college credit as well.  For high school students and above.


Recommended reading for the home schooling parent

The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling
     by Debra Bell

    A great book for those just getting started in home education.


Charlotte Mason Companion
     for those interested in learning more about the Charlotte Mason approach to education.


Educating the Wholehearted Child
     by Clay & Sally Clarkson

     Excellent resource for home educators with a lot of helpful information.


The Three R’s
     by Ruth Beechick

     A simple but very helpful book that helps set the overall goals of teaching the “three R’s.”


Homeschooling at the Speed of Life
     by Marilyn Rockett

     A helpful book for learning how to set priorities in your homeschooling.


The Way They Learn
     by Cynthia Tobias
     A great book on learning styles.


The Christian Homeschool
     by Gregg Harris
A great resource to understand homeschooling; Contains a chapter on Delight Directed Studies.


Shepherding a Child’s Heart
     by Tedd Tripp

     Teaches the importance of looking at the root issues of the heart when disciplining.